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Wear Not Waste - Ecover x Professor Green (Full Length)

IN THE UK, 1,000 ITEMS OF CLOTHING ARE THROWN AWAY EVERY 30 SECONDS. We’re buying more and using less. Each week we buy 38m new fashion items and send 11m to landfill (WRAP Valuing Our Clothes report, July 2017).

Ecover believe a more positive future is possible. We need to fall back in love with the clothes we already own. Caring for them better so we can wear them for longer and then give them a second life. Because if we extend the active life of our clothing by just 9 months, we can lower its carbon, water, and waste impact by up to 30% (WRAP Extending the Life of Clothes, December 2017).

So, let’s liberate the value of the clothes we already own, to keep them in use and out of landfill.

This is #LaundryAgainstLandfill

Laundry Against Landfill

DID YOU KNOW? Every 30 seconds almost 1000 items of clothing are thrown away. By simply extending the life of clothing by just 9 months you can reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint of each item by 20-30%* Our new laundry liquid helps your clothes last longer by reviving colours and removing bobbling after multiple washes. Wash new life into your old clothes. Cos' they're best in use - and out of landfill. This is Laundry Against Landfill. #LETSLIVECLEAN

* WRAP, 2017

Ecover Laundry Liquid

Ecover Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Liquid stands up to dirt and stains, while being a big softie to your skin. From baby clothes to bedding our plant-based formula gives you outstanding results even on a cold wash. Concentrated formula means more loads, less bottle, perfect for your healthy home.




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